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Digital Safety Prevention Campaign for Alabama's Youth
In partnership with The Children's Trust Fund of Alabama

Technology has drastically changed the environment our kids are growing up in. The number of youth who have a mobile device has more than doubled in the past few years. Parents are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the barrage of exploitation dangers facing their children online and what overdosing on social media means for their kids’ social life. There are many dangers associated with social media apps, online gaming, and websites that most young people, and their parents, are not educated to recognize those dangers. 


We are excited to partner with The Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama to provide resources to help parents protect their children in this ever-changing digital age. This series of videos and resource guides discusses topics related to digital safety, awareness, and prevention. These are effective tools for increasing public awareness or as tools to support training for educators, law enforcement, service providers, lawmakers, engaging parents and other community members in a dialogue on the importance of prevention and digital safety. Click Here to see all the videos and resources. 

We encourage parents to be educated about privacy settings and share with their kids the importance of having the correct privacy settings on all apps and online gaming platforms they use. Talk with your kids about setting boundaries with their technology. Creating healthy tech habits is an important part of protecting your kids online and offline and helps them become educated and empowered to make smart choices.

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